Fondant Fun!

22 Jun

ButterflyIt was a typical Ithaca weekend, rain! That’s ok because it gave me plenty of time to play with fondant (and study for the GMT).  The first cake I did in class on Saturday morning.  I found that rolling out the fondant is a great shoulder work out!  All Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning they were soar.  Anyway, getting the fondant thin enough wasn’t easy, but I was pleased with out it turned out.  We tried some other techniques as well, a drab and a handkerchief.  Then topped it off with a few daises.  


Another angle.  I love the marble look

Another angle. I love the marble look

First time with fondant

First time with fondant





I love how the drab looks like fabric.

I love how the drab looks like fabric.








I was also really happy with the way the second cake I made this weekend turned out.  It wasn’t exactly as I imagined it in my head, but looks good in a different way.  The best part of this cake is the way it taste.  I brought it to work today and we haven’t cut into yet but I did sample some of the scraps. Worthy of diet cheating for sure.  It is golden vanilla cake, with chocolate hazelnut filling (Nutella) mixed with vanilla buttercream, thing coat of buttercream and covered with marshmallow fondant.  The butterflies are made of out of a combination of gum paste and fondant.  The humidity this weekend was of no help for this project.  I made them on Saturday and by the time I was going to bed Saturday night they were drying very nicely.  But but Sunday afternoon they just got very tacky and lost the shape.  So they aren’t as three demential as I wanted.  They still have a delicate effect though.  I would love to try this cake again on a cool day and maybe four tiers. But I’ll wait for a special occasions, I don’t think my office needs four tiered cakes once a week!  Here are a bunch of pictures, enjoy!



Butterfly Cake

Butterfly Cake



2 Responses to “Fondant Fun!”

  1. Rachel June 24, 2009 at 12:51 am #

    Good job on your cakes. Check out &, you will find tons of pictures and advise. You will be able to learn so much.

    I added your blog to my blog list.

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