Shoe Tragedy

30 Jun

Today was already going to be a very hard day.  We have to stay goodbye to our Audience Service Manager, Stephanie and our Senior Department Manager, Virgina.  Both of these women are leaving us today for different reasons.  Virginia because of early retirement and Stephanie due to the lack of financial responsibility on Cornell’s part.  We’re having a retirement party this afternoon for Virginia, which we are being commanded to attend.  I really wanted to go to my last Walk to Run class, but I was not given a choice of what to do with my 42 minute lunch break…  I’m not happy about anything that has happened in our department.

What really is the icing on the cake (no pun intended) that makes this a terrible week, is the death of Martha Dewy.  Martha is the wife of Kent our former department chair.  On Friday evening Martha was killed suddenly in a car accident.  This shock has been hard on everyone.  Martha was one of the most positive and sweetest people I’ve ever meet.  She will be dearly missed.  The service for her is tomorrow morning, so we’re just going right into another hard day tomorrow.

Anyway I made a cake for Virgina’s retirement party.  It wasn’t what I had initially envisioned but as the days moved closer to the party and the reality of the day my enthusiasms dwindled.  The big tragedy came when I tried to transport the cake to work.  The cake slide in the box and wiped out most of the writing… I did some surgery with a tooth pick.  The pictures are from before the car ride though.

Shoe Cake 1

Shoe Cake 1

Shoe 2Shoe 3


One Response to “Shoe Tragedy”

  1. Mom S. August 9, 2009 at 2:07 am #

    Oh, Terry!

    I didn’t realize I could get more info from this site till tonite, 8/7/09. I’m so sorry about your friends…except Virginia who just followed her already retired brain out the door. You have been thru a very bad time and never called me. Dan of course said nothing about it : (

    The cake is wonderful and the shoe!!! What an appropriate choice! I love it. Sorry life is so hard sometimes, sweetheart. Love to you.


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