Busy week!

18 Aug

I took the GMAT yesterday and didn’t get the score I wanted…So that changes my plans a little. I’m still applying to school but I’m going to keep studying and take the test again. Only problem is the test is not cheap ($250) and neither are the applications (about $600) or traveling for the interviews (flight, hotel, etc…). To make any of this possible I’m going to have to get a part time job. I’d really rather just make cakes for people in my free time than work at Target or something, so please check out the Bake Sale link above and bid on a holiday cake. If you have another event coming up like a birthday or special dinner, I’d also be more than happy to work with you to make a great cake.

That aside I have a busy cake week ahead of me! I’m making a cake for my friend’s daughter’s birthday party. She is turning five and we’re doing an enchanted forest, fairy theme! I’m super excited to make this cake and I hope it turns out well! I’m also going to be making two birthday cakes this weekend. One for one of my co-workers and one for one of Dan’s co-workers. Check back this weekend for some pictures!


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