Adventurers in Never Never Land

24 Aug

The great cake weekend of August 2009 started out with the Fairytale Tree House cake. This is my absolute favorite cake that I have ever made and deserves its own blog post! Also the most nerve-raking. My friend Leslie’s daughter was turning five and she asked me to do her birthday cake. We decided that it would be a fairy theme. I found two different cakes that I really liked and I modeled my cake after them.

I had to make a lot of alterations while making this cake due to the terrible humidity. Most of the cake was suppose to be done in fondant but the fondant just wouldn’t dry in the humidity. So I ended up using mostly butter cream and royal icing. It was so humid even the royal icing wouldn’t dry and it is suppose to harden like concrete.
The obvious challenge of this cake is the height and getting the castle to balance perfectly on top. I knew I would have no real way of knowing that it was all going to work until I got to the party and assembled it. By 2:00AM on Friday night/Saturday morning I had everything I could get done at home finished and I had to get a few hours of sleep before I had to deliver the cake.
The next obstacle was transporting the cake. Leslie has a beautiful house on the lake but her drive way is practically a 90 degree angle. Luckily it made it there just fine in three pieces. I did most of the construction the morning of the party at Leslie’s house and held my breath as the butter cream started to slide in the heat and the castle wobbled on top…
Against all odds this cake made it through the party until it was time to light the candles. Let me know what you think!
Click on the photos to enlarge.

The best part was that my wonderful fiance cleaned up my disaster of a mess that I left so I could start working on the other two cakes!
I’ll post about those tonight!


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