Birthday by Chocolate

13 Sep

Before you look at the pictures, read the description of the cake. This cake is a triple threat of chocolate! It was for my birthday and Dan helped make it. Well, Dan gave a hand here and there and cleaned the dishes as I went (which is invaluable!).

Anyway, the cake as three chocolate components. The cake itself is a chocolate cake but not your average butter cake. It is made with mostly eggs with chocolate and little sugar and flour. So the cake alone is not sweet at all and has a very dense, full, natural chocolate taste. I actually have nothing to compare the texture of this cake to but I can tell you what it is not like cake, brownie, fudge, or quiche. Not being very sweet, before it was frosted, I covered it in a homemade amaretto syrup. Then the cake is filled and frosted with a bitter-sweet ganache. Again, on its own, not overly sweet but very creamy. Finally the outside is wrapped in homemade chocolate praline sheets. To make these I toasted hazelnuts, and covered them with a sugar mixture. Then food processed them into a powder and mixed that with melted chocolate. I then rolled it into sheets to cool. Wrapping them around the cake was a challenge and they kind of did their own thing. I was happy with the way they looked though. I completed it with a dusting of red edible glitter. The cake has a wonderful chocolate taste, without being artificially sweet. If you’re a true choc-o-holic, you’ll love it!


One Response to “Birthday by Chocolate”

  1. Mom S. September 21, 2009 at 9:48 pm #

    Terry, honey, how do you think of these things? What is a ganache? You TOASTED hazelnuts?? Dear Lord…(Did you have to put them on skewers before putting them in the toaster like Joey did with the cheese blocks, when I told him not to use the oven?…Just kidding…He did do that though…Laura called me at work to tell me…My hair should truly be white…I don’t envy Caroline.) Did they tell you about her getting calls at work about little Ben punching other kids at school or something? Joey said he thought it was a good idea for Ben to stand up for himself. (He learned that from Roger.) Carolne said fine…she’d tell them to call him the next time. She’d already had two or three calls. What is he thinking?

    All this while my real child is making her own chocolate praline sheets. It’s difficult for me to envision anyone outside of a professional bakery doing all of these things. I knew someday we’d find you! Still I would never have dreamed of all this…love to you sweetheart,

    Mom S.

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