Cincinnati Cake

21 Sep

This cake was for a woman’s 75th surprise birthday party! It was so much fun to make. She grew up in Cincinnati and her daughter drew a design of things from her childhood. I did my best to incorporate them on the cake. I was really happy with the finished product and I learned a lot making this cake. I also learned that I miss my SUV. I don’t miss filling the gas tank, but I do miss having the storage space. Currently I have a Jetta and there is no way I could get a cake like this in the trunk, so there is no flat place to transport it. Cakes and bucket seats don’t mix well! It makes for a very nervous 20 minutes in the car.

The cake is chocolate with buttercream filling and covered in fondant. Let me know what you think.
Click on the photos to enlarge them!


One Response to “Cincinnati Cake”

  1. Mom S. September 21, 2009 at 9:16 pm #

    This is unbelievable !!!!! You must be my daughter !!! And all this time, I thought it was Danny that was my relative !!! How crazy…I can accept the buildings, maybe the dog and that great river…but the car…no…there is no way the car could be that perfect…I cannot believe it !!!

    Do not, I repeat do not let the government know of your talent. They will find a way to subvert it and spirit you away. And be wary of Danny, he always talked of being an FBI agent…watch him…just in case. We have to be very careful when we are both talented AND beautful.

    Love, Mom S.

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