Who Needs Sleep When There is Cake?

2 Oct

So on top of the cake competition this weekend, I decided to make a cake for some of my student’s black box production, Love Song. It opens today at 4:30 PM and runs through Sunday, schwartztickets.com (hint, hint). It was suppose to be a surprise for them, but I told them yesterday when they were talking about what to do for a cast celebration. I modeled the design after the poster, which I also created.
The cake was going great until I touched it with royal icing. First off, I wasn’t paying attention until it was too late, but the consistence of the royal icing was WAY off. It was disgustingly runny. For some reason I thought I could free hand pipe straight lines. I probably can’t even do this in the best of mind sets, never the less after midnight. I don’t know what i was thinking. SO I was not thrilled with the final product. If I could turn back time I would have just spent the next time on cutting out fondant to make the fabric pattern.
Oh well, I’m sure the cake will taste great and I hope the students like it!

Tonight is going to be another long night as I finish up the cake for the competition! If you’re in Ithaca this weekend, come to the mall and check it out!


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