Ithaca Cake Competition Results,

5 Oct

So I didn’t win the competition. I did thoroughly enjoy the process of designing and building the cake. The day of the competition was just kind of…eh. I’ve never been in a competition so I didn’t really know what to expect and I’m not sure if this one is an accurate representation of all competitions. I do also know that I am more of a process over product person though and it is hard for me to quantify art, so that’s most likely the reason didn’t enjoy the competition all that much.

Side note. If you are in an anthropology class and want an interesting sub culture to observe, check out a cake competition… ‘nough said.

I was happy with my cake and one of the two judges was also. The second judge just absolutely HATED it. I was a little offended because it was an amateur competition and the divisions were based on level/years of experience. For a beginner cake decorator I thought my cake was a challenge but she gave me VERY low marks in difficulty and technical categories. The important part for me was designing a cake that looked nothing like the others. Originality and abstractly interpreting the theme did not impress them though. It is a matter of taste and in my limited experience I’ve found Wilton to be rather conservative and “cute.” The judges were all local Wilton instructors so I have a feeling that’s what they were looking for. On the other hand the one judge did like it and gave me rather good feedback.

I didn’t get a chance to take photos of all of the cakes, but here are a few.
If these are one of your cakes and you want me to label it with your name or business please send me a comment or e-mail. If you have any other photos you want me to add, just send them my way!


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