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Happy Thanksgiving!

28 Nov

Thanksgiving has past but there is still turkey and cake left over! My family was very happy to have a “normal size” cake for dinner…
The cake is butter cake with pumpkin pie buttercream filling then covered in whipped vanilla buttercream and marshmallow.


Normal size cake

23 Nov

This weekend I actually made a normal size cake! It fit in a regular cake box and everything. Dan was very happy about that after last weekends monster snow moutain.

It was for a friend’s dinner party. The cake is Vanilla bean with salted carmel buttercream filling (gives it a nice salty/sweet punch) and vanilla buttercream then covered in marshmallow fondant. The fondant didn’t go as smooth as I’d hoped. A lot people will buy fondant because it is a little tricky to get the right consistency but the homemade stuff taste so much better. I was having a very hard time with it. I made two batches and one was too sticky and one was too dry. After fighting and negotiating with it I made something work. It wasn’t what I set out to do with the cake but it looks great and everyone at the party enjoyed it.

There are actually roses in the center, but they kind of get lost in the photos. I really should have built up a little mound for them to sit on. Oh well,next time.

Over the Top!

16 Nov

If you know me, you know that sometimes I go a little overboard! Thank god I have an understanding fiance and family. Without Dan, this cake would not have happened. The cake was for my sister’s 18th Birthday. She lives for winter and snowboarding. So I thought that I would make her a small little ski slope with a few little people going down. Then inspiration struck and I though wouldn’t it be cool if one of the figures actually snowboarded down the cake??!?!?!?!?!? Dan and I put our heads together to make that happen (more Dan than me). We settled on modifying a little kids Knex set. If you’ve ever played with those things, they are not suppose to be modified…

Once we decided to actually have the figure move I knew the cake couldn’t be small. So I set out to bake a small mountain. I learned a lot by making this cake! It was way too much baking for one person to take on. If I ever do a cake like this again I will need more help. I started baking on Tuesday night and by Saturday morning it was stacked, filled, covered in fondant (homemade marshmallow) and the mechanics were on the cake. Dan stayed up until 2:00 am on Friday to try to get the mechanics working. We only had about 5-6 hours to work on the details, clean and get the cake in the car. With Dan’s help it really all came together. He made the bear and the squirrel.

Getting it in the car was interesting… This is about the max size of cake that I could transport. It weighed about 100 pounds. It just cleared the top of the car and one side of the fondant got a little pushed in getting it into the car. It was an easy fix. It would have been so nice to have a van or SUV to just slide it in the back of though.

Enjoy the photos! The cake is chocolate cake, fillings include peanut butter, and chocolate ganache, then covered in buttercream and marshmallow fondant.

No Tools

4 Nov

While we were in GA last week I decided to make a cake for Dan’s family. Dan’s Dad loves chocolate and peanut butter more than me (if that’s possible). So I wanted to make chocolate fudge cake, with whipped peanut butter filling and chocolate buttercream. Naturally I didn’t have any of my tools with me so it didn’t turn out as I would have liked, but it tasted good! They didn’t have any cooling racks and we tried to improvise and it just ended up breaking the cake. After some crying and self-loathing, I turned into a chocolate peanut butter trifle instead.

If you’re wondering what is on top, those are peanut butter bon-bons that I made.

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