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Not Cake Related At All

29 Dec

I thought I would share what I made for a few family members and friends for Christmas. They were really easy to make and I was happy with the way the turned out.  I’m not sure what they will use them for, but I thought they were cute.

If you’re like me and you collect ribbon, stickers, trinkets, old jewelry this is the project for you!  I only took photos of the first three that I made, but I was able to make six.  They go really quickly and are pretty easy.



28 Dec

For our Christmas I made mini cakes for my family and friends.  It was fun doing everything eight times!  They aren’t as clean as I would have liked them to be but I was in such a rush.  I tried to make chocolate fudge filling but the consistency did not work out for me.  It still tasted alright though, but not exactly what I was going for.  So I’ll have to try that one again, but a different recipe.  Half of the cakes are chocolate and half are golden vanilla and they are filled with the attempted chocolate fudge filling and covered in buttercream then marshmallow fondant.

The aprons are Christmas presents my mom made.  They both say “Sweetie Cakes & Pies” on top.  Mine says “Cake Boss, Pie Boss & Dan’s Boss.”  Dan’s  says “Dishwasher, Taste Tester & Chief Packaging Specialist.”   We love them! 🙂

I wish I had the time to make these!

23 Dec

I wish I had the energy and time to make these!  They are so cute.  Check out the link below.


21 Dec

This cake was for a friend’s husband surprise 50th Birthday party.  It was my first topsy turvy cake and I had a lot of fun making it.  I actually can’t wait to make another one because I learned so much while doing this one.  I did have a lot of trouble and it took several tries to get the layers covered in fondant.  So if anyone has any advice for covering this style cake with ease, I’d love to hear it.  I know that part of my problem was that the air was very dry, thus making the fondant a little dry and harder to work with.  Other than that, no major hiccups. Except with the photos.  I didn’t want to put the “50” and the stars on until we arrived at the party so I didn’t do my usual home photo shoot.  The cake was situated up against a wall that was covered in wood paneling and it just didn’t lend itself to good photos. I tried to photo-shop a few so that the cake stands out more but they aren’t perfect.

Andy (the Birthday boy) was very surprised and the party was a lot of fun.  I was so tired though from the cake that I ended up leaving earlier than I wanted to and falling asleep in the car on the way home.

The flavors include chocolate cake and yellow cake all filled with buttercream.  On the side is a little man in a canoe since canoeing is one of his favorite hobbies.

First Christmas Cake of the Season!

11 Dec

I made my first holiday cake of the season. Surprisingly nothing went drastically wrong with this one and making it didn’t consume my life. It is a white velvet cake which is basically a pound cake with no egg yokes, so very smooth. The filling is passion fruit buttercream and the outside is covered with buttercream. The snowman is made of fondant and the trees are buttercream. The cake was for an office holiday get together and everyone loved it, no one wanted to cut into it!

Next week, I have a big 50th Birthday cake, so I’ll be busy with that. Check back for photos after December 19.

Last Mintue Changes

9 Dec

This is a baby shower cake for a friend. The design was completely modified at the last minute to salvage the cake. I originally intended to stack the four cake cubes unevenly. I’ve never seen a cake stacked that way and I wasn’t sure if it was because it was my original thought or not possible. The cake I used was WAY to soft and my measurements were off the mark. I don’t think that the original design was impossible, but I need to use pound cake or something more durable and be VERY precise in my measurements next time. I will conquer this design eventually!

At the eleventh hour I changed it and decided not to stack it. On top of that, I was having trouble with getting the consistency of the fondant right. It was just too dry and caused it to tear very easily. I then covered the cakes with the vines and flowers. The vines were a last minute addition to cover the flaws in the fondant but I had planned on the flowers. Actually the flowers were the only thing that I was happy about on the whole cake. The birds nest on top was modeled after the invitation. She is having twins, a boy and a girl. I felt totally rushed and I think it shows.

As we were getting ready to deliver the cake we realized we were getting a very wet snow storm… so we quickly built a little shelter for the cake and we were only about 15 minutes late delivering it.

When we brought the cake into the shower everyone was very impressed and asked if I did this professionally. Even though I wasn’t pleased with the cake, the crowd seemed to be.

The cake is golden vanilla. Two cubes are filled with sliced strawberries and two are filled with passion fruit buttercream.

Any Thoughts?

3 Dec

My applications to business school are pretty much done! The problem is my GMAT scores were terrible. I’m not getting in this year. I know a good score doesn’t get you in but a bad one keeps you out.

In the mean time, I’m thinking of taking Sweetie Cakes and Pies to the next level, as in possibly being my full time job. I’m done with the snow so it would be somewhere in the south. Dan has also applied to school and I have a really good feeling about his applications. That would determine where I go, but if neither of us gets into school we’re open to all possibilities. Right now I’m open to suggestions on location for Sweetie Cakes and Pies the shop. I just want to start doing some demographic research for a business plan. Any suggestions or ideas that you guys have would be wonderful! I’m also going to be looking for a restaurant or cafe that is open for breakfast and lunch to possibly partner with and rent out the kitchen space to work in the evenings until I’ve established myself. If anyone knows of any leads that would be appreciated.

Of course if I do take this full time I’ll need all the love and support I can get from my friends and family so I thank you in advance.

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