Last Mintue Changes

9 Dec

This is a baby shower cake for a friend. The design was completely modified at the last minute to salvage the cake. I originally intended to stack the four cake cubes unevenly. I’ve never seen a cake stacked that way and I wasn’t sure if it was because it was my original thought or not possible. The cake I used was WAY to soft and my measurements were off the mark. I don’t think that the original design was impossible, but I need to use pound cake or something more durable and be VERY precise in my measurements next time. I will conquer this design eventually!

At the eleventh hour I changed it and decided not to stack it. On top of that, I was having trouble with getting the consistency of the fondant right. It was just too dry and caused it to tear very easily. I then covered the cakes with the vines and flowers. The vines were a last minute addition to cover the flaws in the fondant but I had planned on the flowers. Actually the flowers were the only thing that I was happy about on the whole cake. The birds nest on top was modeled after the invitation. She is having twins, a boy and a girl. I felt totally rushed and I think it shows.

As we were getting ready to deliver the cake we realized we were getting a very wet snow storm… so we quickly built a little shelter for the cake and we were only about 15 minutes late delivering it.

When we brought the cake into the shower everyone was very impressed and asked if I did this professionally. Even though I wasn’t pleased with the cake, the crowd seemed to be.

The cake is golden vanilla. Two cubes are filled with sliced strawberries and two are filled with passion fruit buttercream.


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