“The Dodgson Girls” Cakes

13 Jan

A friend of mine directed a show downtown that required a cake to be eaten in each act!  So he asked me to make 14 small cakes.  It was a lot of fun to do these little cakes and combine two passions theatre and cake.  They are covered in buttercream, which in some ways is easy and others not so much…

Because they are small cakes, I put them one cardboard and then in a box to be delivered.  I was making a few trips, this was actually the second, so it wasn’t all 14 cakes.  As Dan was putting the box in the car, the tape on the side of the box broke and he almost dropped the box.  Neither the box or the cakes hit the ground but they did all slide into each other.  So I had to take them back in, scrap all buttercream off an re-decorate them.

The second weekend of the show is this weekend.  I’m going to see it on Sunday I think.  If  you’re in Ithaca this weekend looking for something to do, check it out!

Theatre Incognita presents:

“The Dodgson Girls” by Natalie deCombray

Meet the seven fascinating sisters of Lewis Carroll. starring: Judith Andrew, Kelly Andronicos, Maggie Goldsmith, Kathy Kramer, Elizabeth Livesay, Kathryn Russell, Kit Wainer & Matt Winberg directed by Ross Haarstad live piano accompaniment by Thomas Jefferson Peters costumes designed by Lauren Cowdery. Third Floor Auditorium.

Tickets: $10 advance / $12.50 at the door; available through Ticket Center Ithaca (273-4497 / 1-800-28-ITHACA)

I had a heck of a time with the small square cakes.  If anyone has tips for icing them, I’d love to hear!


2 Responses to ““The Dodgson Girls” Cakes”

  1. kathryn January 13, 2010 at 10:42 pm #

    and they taste wonderful, too ! from a grateful Dodgson Girl – Henrietta

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