Cake Idol

20 Jan

Last night Dan and I watched Julie & Julia and I absolutely LOVED it!  I think I identified way too much with the Julie character and Dan agreed.  But I think he is a lot like her husband as well “a saint.”  Am I going to cook through all of Julia’s recipes? …(thinking about it)…no, probably not even one.  All the butter in our house goes into cakes or buttercream (then directly to our hips and butt and arms and thighs and you get the point)!   But it did inspire me to do two things.

1. Blog more

2.  Work on my pies!

The pie component of this blog has fallen to the wayside.  So I’m going to try to post one pie recipe a month!   Its a manageable goal for now.

In an effort to blog more and by way of inspiration from Julie & Julia.  I’d like to share with you some of my cake idols.  Some are very popular in the mainstream, others not so much but still very talented artist.

4. Ron Ben-Israel – He is an artist and leader in the industry.  Check out his web page because words can not describe his talent.

3.  Everyone’s favorite, The Cake Boss!  You don’t have to know much about cakes to love Buddy from The Cake Boss.  I really hope to get to visit Carlos Bakery one day and meet him!

2.  Anne Heap, founder of Pink Cake Box is an up and coming star in the cake world.  Her work is beautiful and innovative.  I’m always reading her blog to see what she will come up with next!

1.  Finally the master of all masters Colette Peters.   She sets the bar and she sets it high.  I encourage you to explore her page, even if you aren’t a cakie I’m sure you’ll be impressed!


2 Responses to “Cake Idol”


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