Make Up Monday!

8 Feb

As you might have seen last week I started a little tradition called “Fat Friday” where I made a delicious, yet sinful treat to kick off the weekend.  That’s all well and good but somewhat glutinous.  So as a challenge I’ve also created “Make Up Monday.”  I never back down from a challenge and this is NOT my forte.  The plan is to take an ingredient from the previous weeks “Fat Friday” and create a “healthier” or more calorie friendly treat.  These recipes are going to be very experimental and untested…the first week ended in disaster.

Last week’s Fat Friday was Quadruple Berry-lious Pie, so the obvious ingredient to make a healthy snack was the berries.  I had this fantastic plan to make these beautiful, bite size, dark chocolate berry cups.  I was trying to be crafty and domestic and channel all my inner DIY instincts.  Well, they failed me…

First I started with the best ingredient.  I went to Life’s So Sweet Chocolate in T-burg and explained to Darlynne the owner and good friend what I was doing.  I got some yummy dark chocolate from her (10 times better than what you can get at the store) and she even let me borrow at chocolate tempering melty gismo.  Things were starting off great!

I then moved on to step two.  I cut apart some egg crates to use as my molds.  I love using things in new and creative ways and sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t…this was a not working time.

I then covered my egg crate molds with tin foil and sprayed them with cooking spray.

I then tried to get the chocolate machine to work.  But it really didn’t like me.  It just keep beeping/screaming and flashing EEE on the little screen.  I abandoned it for my ghetto double boiler, which is really just a bowl that sits in a pot.

I melted the chocolate and drizzled it over the molds.  I was going for a spider web kind of look.

Put them in the fridge and an hour latter I was ready to enjoy my healthy but taste treat.  I wanted to just peel the foil off and fill with the almost defrosted berries.  This is where things went really bad…

This became….

Not the “hostess with the mostest” cute little berry bit cups I was going for.  Really it was just a pile of chocolate piece and a bowl full of half defrosted frozen berries.

The most logical thing to do at this point was just dump the chocolate in the bowl of berries and enjoy with a spoon.  Which is exactly what I did.  Though it didn’t turn out the way I wanted it tasted good.  In hind sight I could have skipped all the work and just dumped the chocolate in the berries from the beginning.

I have not given up on the berry bit chocolate cups!  I will return to this and seek professional help from Life’s So Sweet.

So the first Make Up Monday is complete.  Stay tuned later this week for an all new Fat Friday that will be sure to slow your metabolism to a new low!


One Response to “Make Up Monday!”

  1. kim February 8, 2010 at 3:38 pm #

    You were on the right path, but if you had used the inside of the cups you might have had more success. Pour the chocolate in let it sit to cool slightly then pour out the extra. But it sounds like it tasted good!

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