Death by Chocolate…Cake – A Post From Dan

12 Feb

Death by Chocolate… Cake

So, Terry is forcing me, on pain of death (or constant nagging), to write another blog post.  She actually said to me, “Each week, your blog posts will be due on Thursday… blah blah blah, me me me, mine mine mine,” I could be misquoting that last bit.  But she is excited about trying to start her own business, and I am excited for her.  So, I don’t know about every Thursday, but I will try to regularly make fun of her on here; I’m not really sure why this is what she wants, but…let’s get to it.

She is trying to kill me, slowly and, some might argue, legally.  I feel like a goose being primed for Foie Gras, but instead of corn and a metal tube, she disguises her ‘fattening method’ as cake or pie (or on a good day, both).  One might say, “she’s not force-feeding you, Dan,” but if you know me, you know I have no self-control as it pertains to things delectable.  If a pie with a chocolate chip cookie crust, peanut butter and cream cheese filling, and a chocolate ganache topping is sitting in the fridge all alone, I’m gonna go keep it company, cause that’s just the kind of selfless guy I am.  Terry knows this and is exploiting this weakness to hasten my downfall, I fear.  These days, she’s not even disguising her intentions very well with this whole “Fat Friday” scheme (who do you think eats all those goodies?)  But why is she trying to fatten me is the real question.  I don’t think it’s making me more attractive, so I’m very suspicious.  If I ever disappear and you notice she is suddenly eating a lot of Pâté, beware… her next “Taste Tester” could be you!

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One Response to “Death by Chocolate…Cake – A Post From Dan”

  1. Mom S. February 13, 2010 at 1:15 am #

    Sorry, Dan 😦

    Watches out! The calories are coming for us…Hang in there. We can do this!


    Mom S.

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