Cake Boss Answers Questions

23 Feb

The Cake Boss, everyone’s favorite baker/artist from Hoboken, NJ answered some questions on Facebook yesterday and he picked one of mine! Check out the video.  It is about eight minutes long and my question comes in the middle.  He did mis-pronounce my last name.  My last name is Coniglio, which means rabbit in Italian.  But he was on the spot and mis-pronounced a lot of names.

I asked him about the best surfaces to roll out fondant on.  Right now I’m using a crappy mat from Wilton.  I have grown to disdain anything Wilton makes.  Most of the products just aren’t very high quality.  They are fine for the occasional decorator but the more I use them the more I scream at them.  Anyway, I’m looking into  having Dan build me a table with a marble top for rolling out fondant.  So I asked Buddy if that would be the best material.  He said marble or granite is good but having a sheeter would be best.  Of course that would be best!  If you don’t know what a sheeter is, basically it is a big pasta press/machine.  Estimated cost for a marble table $150-$200.  Estimated cost for a sheeter $2,000-$5,000.  I would LOVE a sheeter!  It would save so much time, be cleaner, and more accurate.  When I have the business reputation  to open my own store front I’ll get one.  But for now I’ll work on getting my homemade marble table and building up that reputation!


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