Opening Dessert Labs & Help for the CakeGirls

8 Apr

Joe and Karen, both Ithaca College Alumni, are starting a gluten-free bakery with a moving storefront call Dessert Labs.  Joe was a theatre major and graduated the same year as me and recently completed the classic pastry program at the French Culinary Institute.  You can visit their web page by clicking here to find out more information about Dessert Labs.

They are currently in the process of obtaining start up cash for their project.  They are using a great site called Kickstarter, which I plan to use when the time comes.  If you’d like to contribute to their start up fund click here. Every dollar helps.  If you contribute, you have the option of getting some yummy gluten-free treats in the mail! 🙂

Best of luck Joe and Karen!

Last week I posted about the Cakegirls in Chicago and the horrible fire that totaled their bakery.  They are selling t-shirts to help their staff through this time.  I believe they have a staff of about six that is currently out of work.  You can purchase them right from their web page by clicking here.


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