Goodbye My Friend

28 Jul
Old Sunbeam mixer, retro mixer, Best Stand Mixer

Best Stand Mixer Ever!

Today I finally said goodbye to a very dear friend…the Sunbeam mixer.   It is a sad sad day.  The mixer was over thirty years old (that’s older than me, but younger than Dan, hehehe)!  A lot of cooking and baking had been done with that mixer.  Dan’s mom gave it to us when we moved to Ithaca after returning from Japan.  When I first started this cake decorating adventure it was working just fine.  There are twelve settings and I blew them all one by one.  The first time I tried to make royal icing with it, it started to smoke…maybe that’s why I have such a distant for royal icing, it hurt my mixer!  By the time  we were making the Save the Date Cake,  it was down to the last setting.  On the final batch of filling that I was making it finally just stopped spinning.  We moved it all the way back down to GA to give it a proper burial.

I have currently inherited a very nice Kitchen Aid from Dan’s mom.  We’ll see how it stacks up to the Sunbeam.  Kitchen Aids seem to be the standard, but that Sunbeam lasted thirty plus years, can a Kitchen Aid top that?  We’ll see.  R.I.P Sunbeam.


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