Fat Friday – Caramel

27 Aug

Fat Friday returns!!!  For those of you new to the blog Fat Friday is a little tradition we have where we make a delicious calorie busting treat and share the recipe with you.  On Monday we return for Make Up Monday where we take an ingredient from Fat Friday and make something healthy.   This week’s Fat Friday is really simple, it just takes time.


What you need:

1 can of sweetened condensed milk

Put It Together

– pop two small holes in top of the can

– remove label from can

-submerge in pot of simmering water.  The water should be about three quarters of the way up the can.  If it is higher water will get in the milk, but you don’t want it go lower.

-Simmer for three to four hours always adding more water as it boils out.

-remove from can and whisk.  It will be thicker on the bottom.

Can be served on its own or used in other recipes.  Works well on top of ice cream.  I’m told Jenny has a great caramel pie recipe.  Maybe she’ll do guest blog post?

We dusted a little sea salt on ours for a salty/sweet treat

Have a good weekend everyone!


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