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Fat Friday – Peach Cobbler

24 Sep

One thing I love about Georgia is the peaches!  I made this really simple peach cobbler and it was AWESOME.  I just pulled the recipe off line.  We added some fresh squeezed limes just to see what it would do, and the result was nothing.  You couldn’t taste it at all.  If you are going to add something to this recipe, let it be lemon zest.

As everyone in the north kisses summer good bye, I’ll still be enjoying peaches and sun for a while! 🙂

Here is the link to the recipe.

Gage had some friends over, so this peach cobbler only lasted about 15 minutes!  Enjoy everyone.


Work It Wednesday – Apple Tart

22 Sep

I haven’t forgotten about Work It Wednesday, my waste line just can’t afford it.  So when I get the urge to bake, I’ll be sure to bake from the FCI book and post it.  If you aren’t familiar with the FCI book, check it out.  It is a great resource for any kitchen.

This week I made an Apple Tart.  If you actually attend the FCI pastry arts program this is what you make on the first day.  I followed the instructions as best I could.  The end result tasted great!  I found myself having to bake it a little longer than the recipe called for.  Also my cutting skills are improving (no injuries this time), but they aren’t perfect…

Once again this dessert didn’t last very long!

slice of apple tartapple tartThe anatomy of the tart is: a pie crust, apple compote, and then sliced apples.  I used golden delicious apples.  I think the key ingredient in this recipe is the vanilla bean.  If you are making an apple pie or tart at home and want to kick it up a notch, add the seeds from a vanilla bean!  You won’t be sorry.

Cakeisode Four- Hot Tub Time

20 Sep

Hot Tub Cake, Man's Birthday Cake

Here is Dan’s birthday cake that I made for him.  It is also the subject of Cakeisode Four!  Dan worked so hard on getting that hot tub working and we love it.  I thought this was a cute way to pay him back and say Happy Birthday!  I hope you enjoy it.

Cakeisode Three – Roller Skating/Cello

14 Sep

Cello Cake, Roller Skate Cake

Last month we made this cake for Dan’s friend’s son.  It was a big hit at his 12th birthday party.  The cakeisode features our journey making the cake and also about us finding out that I wasn’t selected for the Cake Boss Reality show.

The cake is chocolate cake with chocolate fudge filling.

P.S. I did NOT roller skate into the party carrying the cake like The Cake Boss did.  I am way to clumsy for that!

P.S.S.  I have never over slept for anything in my life!  When I say over slept, I gave myself three hours instead of four, when I really only needed two…

Enjoy the video.

Artistic Integrity Is Dead

13 Sep

Yesterday I went to a cake competition in Atlanta. I did not enter the competition because I knew they were going to be selling slices of the cake to raise money for charity. I didn’t want to enter and then have been told that I couldn’t sell my slices because my cake wasn’t made in a professional kitchen. So I went to check it out to see if there were other home bakers there. It turns out there were so I will enter next time. I believe they host this competition twice a year.

Now I am not going to give away any names, but I am going to vent about one of the contestants. It was a small competition. There were two divisions: wedding cake and a cake tasting. There were only about ten wedding cakes entered. All were beautiful and you could tell a lot of care and work went into them. I was appalled though to see an almost exact replica of a cake that was on last week’s episode of Amazing Wedding Cakes made by The Cake Girls.  The cake was the Pantry Cake and here is a clip from the show incase you missed it.

Now I have no problem trying other cake artist designs for practice or if it was what a client would want.  I have done several Colette Peter’s designs and you can find them here on this blog.  When I do try someone else’s design, I give them full credit  and I would NEVER enter it in a competition!  Trying someone else’s design is great to learn and practice a new technique, but a competition is to showcase not just your skills but your ideas!  No where around the cake did it say anything to the effect of “design by The Cake Girls.”

I was fuming!  I went up the cake artist plagiarist and asked her “was there anything in the rules about have to submit an orignal design or was it ok to copy someone else’s work?”  I think she was a little surprised that someone confronted her about it.  She said “well yes, it is a copy but I changed a few things.”  I just raised my eyebrow and walked away.  If this was a poetry contest and you changed two words of a Shakespearean sonnet does that make it your own?  She did change the words on the soup can and bag of bread and there were fewer things on the cake board.  But it was unmistakably a less than flattering replication of what was seen done just a week ago by The Cake Girls.

I am happy to report that she did not win and I am so happy for the contestant that did win.  It would have been so unfair to all the other participants if a copy of someone else’s work won.  I guess at least one of the judges had watched Amazing Wedding Cakes.  If I were a judge, I would have disqualified her.  Maybe they did.

I know imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but really show some class and imagination.

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