Artistic Integrity Is Dead

13 Sep

Yesterday I went to a cake competition in Atlanta. I did not enter the competition because I knew they were going to be selling slices of the cake to raise money for charity. I didn’t want to enter and then have been told that I couldn’t sell my slices because my cake wasn’t made in a professional kitchen. So I went to check it out to see if there were other home bakers there. It turns out there were so I will enter next time. I believe they host this competition twice a year.

Now I am not going to give away any names, but I am going to vent about one of the contestants. It was a small competition. There were two divisions: wedding cake and a cake tasting. There were only about ten wedding cakes entered. All were beautiful and you could tell a lot of care and work went into them. I was appalled though to see an almost exact replica of a cake that was on last week’s episode of Amazing Wedding Cakes made by The Cake Girls.  The cake was the Pantry Cake and here is a clip from the show incase you missed it.

Now I have no problem trying other cake artist designs for practice or if it was what a client would want.  I have done several Colette Peter’s designs and you can find them here on this blog.  When I do try someone else’s design, I give them full credit  and I would NEVER enter it in a competition!  Trying someone else’s design is great to learn and practice a new technique, but a competition is to showcase not just your skills but your ideas!  No where around the cake did it say anything to the effect of “design by The Cake Girls.”

I was fuming!  I went up the cake artist plagiarist and asked her “was there anything in the rules about have to submit an orignal design or was it ok to copy someone else’s work?”  I think she was a little surprised that someone confronted her about it.  She said “well yes, it is a copy but I changed a few things.”  I just raised my eyebrow and walked away.  If this was a poetry contest and you changed two words of a Shakespearean sonnet does that make it your own?  She did change the words on the soup can and bag of bread and there were fewer things on the cake board.  But it was unmistakably a less than flattering replication of what was seen done just a week ago by The Cake Girls.

I am happy to report that she did not win and I am so happy for the contestant that did win.  It would have been so unfair to all the other participants if a copy of someone else’s work won.  I guess at least one of the judges had watched Amazing Wedding Cakes.  If I were a judge, I would have disqualified her.  Maybe they did.

I know imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but really show some class and imagination.


One Response to “Artistic Integrity Is Dead”

  1. paul September 14, 2010 at 10:20 am #

    Busted! Let the cake wars begin!

    Seriously though, you’ll smoke them all next year.

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