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Fondant Birthday Bow

22 Nov

This three tier fondant cake is the focus of our sixth cakeisode!

Fondant Bow

This cake was so much fun to make.  The birthday girl was VERY specific on everything from the design to the flavors.  The bottom tier is marble, the middle chocolate and the top golden vanilla.  The design is not my own.  They gave me a photo from a cake shop in Tacoma, WA called Celebrity Cake Studio.  The birthday girl and all her friends really loved the cake.  I wish I had my camera with me when I dropped it off to them!  Alas,  you’ll just have to listen to us describe it in the cakeisode…



Ace of Cakes Canceled

20 Nov

Ace of Cakes Canceled

It was announced yesterday, November 19,2010 that Ace of Cakes on Food Network will be canceled after its 10th season.   For more details on the story you can read this article.


I was so sad to hear this news.  The article says that Food Network is not dropping Duff, just the show.  So hopefully there is something even better in store for us.  I just feel like Ace of Cakes is the best cake show out there.  They don’t create drama, purposefully drop cakes, or scream at each other for the cameras.  They just make really cool cakes.  Charm City looks like one of the best places to work.  I am not just saying that because I am a cake person.  Duff has really created a great environment where is employees can grow and test their boundaries in their craft.  That is something that can transcend beyond cakes and just makes Duff a good boss.  If Duff wanted to move on from cakes he could write a book or give small business seminars on work place dynamics.

I guess the one thing that I don’t like about Charm City Cakes is that they very quickly turn to non-edible items before exhausting all edible possibilities.  At least the editing makes it seam that way.  But they make people happy and the cakes look awesome!

Well I am sad that we won’t get to see the daily happenings of Charm City Cakes anymore but hopefully Food Network won’t let us down.  Please give us something with Duff that is even better!

Your Mission

16 Nov

What exactly is a mission statement?

The most important part of the business plan is your mission statement.  The mission statement is going to set the tone for every decision  your business makes!  It is a brief statement that completely sums up your business,  and what makes it unique.  I can not stress enough the importance of the mission statement, and it should not be taken lightly.  This is not an area of your business plan that will come easily and you should be spending a great deal of time making sure the wording of the mission statement is precise.

Why?  If you’re reading this your probably looking to start a cake business or a bakery, so why can’t your mission statement just say something like “to make really great tasting cakes that are beautiful.”  If you are starting a cake business, yeah I hope you make beautiful and tasty cakes, but a mission statement like that is not original and is not going to help your business make long term decisions.

Let’s look a a few examples of some really great mission statements:


Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.

Stephen R. Covey’s Mission Statement:
To inspire, lift and provide tools for change and growth of individuals and organizations throughout the world to significantly increase their performance capability in order to achieve worthwhile purposes through understanding and living principle-centered leadership.


Facebook’s mission is to give people the power to share and make the world  more open and connected.

What do these mission statements have in common?    They are specific to their organization’s core values, but they don’t have to outline every detail of what they do.  Try to focus on wording that gives you room to grow but defines how unique your business is.  Whenever a decision needs to be made you should be able to look to your mission statement and ask “does this fit with our mission?”  If the answer is “no” than that decision is made.

Take a lot of time on this part of your business plan.  It will pay off in the end!

Next Tuesday – Vision


The Business of the Biz

9 Nov

As you know we moved to Atlanta, GA last summer with the hopes of taking Sweetie Cakes & Pies to the next level and open up a shop.  We have spent a lot of time planning this and trying to make it work and sadly it is just not in the cards right now.  It doesn’t mean we are giving up, we love making cakes and are compelled to.  We’ll still be posting cakes, photos and videos here for everyone to see.  It is our hobby and that is not going to change.

How did we come to this decision?  A business plan!  I know there are a lot of other cake artist out there who want to  turn their passion into their career but aren’t sure how to go about doing it. The first step is a business plan.  It will force you to think of all the logistics involved in your endeavor.  A new business is hard enough to run and most of them fail.  Jumping into it without a business plan is a sure fire way for that to happen.

A business plan isn’t as scary as you might think.  We spent several weeks putting one together for Sweetie Cakes & Pies only to realize that now wasn’t the best time for us to do this.  Hopefully there will be a time in the future that it will be possible.  Without this essential tool we would have been heading down a road to failure.  So no other cake artist faces this, we will be posting business planning tips on this web page once a week.  Check back every Tuesday.  I hope that it will inspire other artist to take the business side of their creations to the next level.

Check back next Tuesday for Mission and Vision!

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