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Ace of Cakes Canceled

20 Nov

Ace of Cakes Canceled

It was announced yesterday, November 19,2010 that Ace of Cakes on Food Network will be canceled after its 10th season.   For more details on the story you can read this article.


I was so sad to hear this news.  The article says that Food Network is not dropping Duff, just the show.  So hopefully there is something even better in store for us.  I just feel like Ace of Cakes is the best cake show out there.  They don’t create drama, purposefully drop cakes, or scream at each other for the cameras.  They just make really cool cakes.  Charm City looks like one of the best places to work.  I am not just saying that because I am a cake person.  Duff has really created a great environment where is employees can grow and test their boundaries in their craft.  That is something that can transcend beyond cakes and just makes Duff a good boss.  If Duff wanted to move on from cakes he could write a book or give small business seminars on work place dynamics.

I guess the one thing that I don’t like about Charm City Cakes is that they very quickly turn to non-edible items before exhausting all edible possibilities.  At least the editing makes it seam that way.  But they make people happy and the cakes look awesome!

Well I am sad that we won’t get to see the daily happenings of Charm City Cakes anymore but hopefully Food Network won’t let us down.  Please give us something with Duff that is even better!


Cakeisode One – Meet the Cast

5 Aug

I’ll let the video do most of the talking for this post.  We’ve decided to give all of you a backstage pass to magic of Sweetie Cakes & Pies through a series of Cakeisodes.  Keep in mind that these are all being filmed with a flip and editing with Pinnacle Studio, so we’re not talking top of line here…  Also, we are fulling aware that we are dorks and yes, we have a lot of free time, we’re unemployed!

Enjoy the first official Cakeisode!

Lace Cake

2 Aug

Lace Cake

This cake is a design from a Colette Peter’s book. I bought the book about a year ago specifically to make this cake and just never got around to it. Thanks to being unemployed, I’ve finally found the time!  I’m also glad that I waited a year to do it so my skills were a little stronger.  It is a beautiful cake but took a lot of patience.  I would love to make this cake again and I think it would be beautiful as center pieces at a wedding or a cake for a baby shower or classy birthday party.  Piping is something that I really need practice with so that is another reason why this was a good cake to work on.  It didn’t turn out flawless, but I was pretty happy with it.

Ace Of Cake Fondant, Duff Fondant

The flavors are vanilla cake with an orange puree and chocolate orange filling.  Then it is covered in a Meringue buttercream and fondant.  The lace is made from royal icing.  Which for the most part I finally got the consistency right.  At first it was a little too stiff but I added some water and it worked out ok.  I still hate royal icing though…

I tried a new brand of fondant for this cake.  I noticed at the craft store that Duff, owner of Charm City Cakes and star of Ace of Cakes has come out with a line of cake supplies.  They have a lot of cool things from pans to cake tattoos to fondant.  I thought I would give his fondant a try.  When I first opened the fondant it seemed really hard and I thought I was going to be really disappointed, but I microwaved it for ten seconds and worked for a minute and it soften up very nicely.  The fondant was really easy to work with, it had a nice stretch and rolled out beautifully.  I had no trouble covering the cake with this fondant.  It tasted great too, very fresh and buttery.  Overall it is an excellent product.  What I didn’t like about it was the price!  It is way too expensive!  The fondant retails for $19.99 for two pounds.  Ten dollars a pound is crazy.  To put it in perspective, I can get Satin Ice, a professional grade fondant for about $2.00 a pound.   The only problem is I have to order it online.  If I didn’t have a 40% off coupon and money left on a gift card I don’t think I would have even tried it.  Even though it was a good product to work with, I won’t use it again because of the price.

Lace Cake

Pure Imagination

4 May
Willy Wonka Cake

This cake was 25 X 39 inches

This past Saturday we made an enormous cake for the State Theatre’s presentation of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  This was a joint project with Life’s So Sweet Chocolate and a huge success for both of us.

This may have been the biggest cake that we have ever made so I brought in reinforcements.  Not only did Dan bust his butt on this cake with me, so did my best friend Sara (who will be guest blogging at some point).  This cake wouldn’t have happened with out the efforts of these two until the wee hours of the morning.

We put so much work into this cake that by the time we got there we were totally desensitized to everything about it.  As soon as we sat the cake down we were swarmed with people.   Seeing their reaction was just so cool!  The kids loved it and instantly picked out all the characters on the cake.  It was such a rewarding experience to see people enjoying the cake.

The first half of the festival we utilized the chocolate fountain and let the kids and kids at heart dip marshmallows into it.  The second half we cut the cake and everyone got to enjoy it.  I got so many great compliments not only on the look of the cake but the taste as well so I felt awesome.

I do have to add that all of this was done on a sprained ankle.  It is not even a good story.  On Thursday afternoon I was walking down the sidewalk and rolled my ankle.  I hit the ground and scrapped my knee like a five year old on the playground.  Of course I was really dramatic about the whole thing and just rolled around on the sidewalk for a while.  I think my friend Scott, who I was with, was a little embarrassed.  He generously went into the store though and got an ice pack and ibuprofen. If Kerri Strug could win the gold with a sprained ankle, I could finish this cake and I did!

Enjoy the photos and let us know what you think!

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This kid loved the cake and was explaining it to everyone who walked by.

Do You Have Your Golden Ticket?

30 Apr

Charlie & Chocolate factory cakeTomorrow we’ll be at the State Theatre for a one day only event!  Cleavland Signstage is doing a performance of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  We’ll be there with Life’s So Sweet Chocolate from from 1 – 3.  We’ve made an awesome cake called “Pure Imagination.”  If you’re in Ithaca stop down tomorrow and check it out.  It is huge!  Towards the end of the event we’ll be cutting and serving the cake so this is a great chance to get to try a Sweetie Cakes & Pies cake!

About the performance:

Five lucky children have found a Golden Ticket and won the chance of a lifetime to tour Mr. Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. This adaptation of this uproarious morality tale is based on the book by world-renowned storyteller, Roald Dahl and the production is unique in that both hearing and deaf audiences can understand and enjoy as the actors themselves speak all the lines and at the same time, sign them in American Sign Language (ASL).

Tickets are available on the State Theatre’s Web page.

“The Dodgson Girls” Cakes

13 Jan

A friend of mine directed a show downtown that required a cake to be eaten in each act!  So he asked me to make 14 small cakes.  It was a lot of fun to do these little cakes and combine two passions theatre and cake.  They are covered in buttercream, which in some ways is easy and others not so much…

Because they are small cakes, I put them one cardboard and then in a box to be delivered.  I was making a few trips, this was actually the second, so it wasn’t all 14 cakes.  As Dan was putting the box in the car, the tape on the side of the box broke and he almost dropped the box.  Neither the box or the cakes hit the ground but they did all slide into each other.  So I had to take them back in, scrap all buttercream off an re-decorate them.

The second weekend of the show is this weekend.  I’m going to see it on Sunday I think.  If  you’re in Ithaca this weekend looking for something to do, check it out!

Theatre Incognita presents:

“The Dodgson Girls” by Natalie deCombray

Meet the seven fascinating sisters of Lewis Carroll. starring: Judith Andrew, Kelly Andronicos, Maggie Goldsmith, Kathy Kramer, Elizabeth Livesay, Kathryn Russell, Kit Wainer & Matt Winberg directed by Ross Haarstad live piano accompaniment by Thomas Jefferson Peters costumes designed by Lauren Cowdery. Third Floor Auditorium.

Tickets: $10 advance / $12.50 at the door; available through Ticket Center Ithaca (273-4497 / 1-800-28-ITHACA)

I had a heck of a time with the small square cakes.  If anyone has tips for icing them, I’d love to hear!

First Christmas Cake of the Season!

11 Dec

I made my first holiday cake of the season. Surprisingly nothing went drastically wrong with this one and making it didn’t consume my life. It is a white velvet cake which is basically a pound cake with no egg yokes, so very smooth. The filling is passion fruit buttercream and the outside is covered with buttercream. The snowman is made of fondant and the trees are buttercream. The cake was for an office holiday get together and everyone loved it, no one wanted to cut into it!

Next week, I have a big 50th Birthday cake, so I’ll be busy with that. Check back for photos after December 19.

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