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Coming Out of Cake-tirement

18 May

So I’ve complete just stopped making cakes, as you can tell from the tumble weeds blowing around on the blog.  The first part of this year has been emotionally hard for me.  Coming to terms with the fact that I wasn’t going to open up a cake shop was really harder than I thought and I just stopped making cakes.  Some people reading this I’m sure are grinning with pleas.  I know that if there is one thing people love more than success, it is seeing other people fail.  Failure or not, I’ve survived and I’ve got a cake in the oven right now!

There have been some positives to not making cakes.  First, I’ve lost over ten pounds and going strong.  I never learned how to make cake and not eat it.  Also cake is so time consuming when I was busy with cakes, I wouldn’t exercise and I would eat crap because I really didn’t feel like cooking.  As I come out of retirement, that’s something that I have to work on.  That being said, “Fat Friday’s” are officially dead.  I’m going to try to focus cake business posts and practicing skills on smaller cakes (that I can take to work for other people to eat).  Hopefully that strategy will help keep the pounds coming off.  Second, I put all of my energy into getting a job and I landed a great one!  I’m working at Georgia State University as the Social Media Ninja.  It is a new position and there is lots of work to be done!

Actually, I was so burnt out on cakes that I made cakes last fall that I didn’t even post to the blog!  Hopefully over the next few weeks I can get my act together and edit the videos of some of those cakes.  As for the cake I’m making right, it is a graduation cake for Dan’s nephew Gage.  We are having a graduation party for him this weekend.  Dan has really gone all out fixing up our backyard.  It looks awesome!  We have a nice little oasis out there to relax in now.

So I’m back!  Hopefully for a long time and I’ll you’ll be getting more cake related post!


The Business of the Biz

9 Nov

As you know we moved to Atlanta, GA last summer with the hopes of taking Sweetie Cakes & Pies to the next level and open up a shop.  We have spent a lot of time planning this and trying to make it work and sadly it is just not in the cards right now.  It doesn’t mean we are giving up, we love making cakes and are compelled to.  We’ll still be posting cakes, photos and videos here for everyone to see.  It is our hobby and that is not going to change.

How did we come to this decision?  A business plan!  I know there are a lot of other cake artist out there who want to  turn their passion into their career but aren’t sure how to go about doing it. The first step is a business plan.  It will force you to think of all the logistics involved in your endeavor.  A new business is hard enough to run and most of them fail.  Jumping into it without a business plan is a sure fire way for that to happen.

A business plan isn’t as scary as you might think.  We spent several weeks putting one together for Sweetie Cakes & Pies only to realize that now wasn’t the best time for us to do this.  Hopefully there will be a time in the future that it will be possible.  Without this essential tool we would have been heading down a road to failure.  So no other cake artist faces this, we will be posting business planning tips on this web page once a week.  Check back every Tuesday.  I hope that it will inspire other artist to take the business side of their creations to the next level.

Check back next Tuesday for Mission and Vision!

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