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Christmas Cake

9 Feb


Snowman Cake

Better late than never right?  At least I’m posting it before Valentines day! 🙂

Things have been pretty slow on the cake front…I’ve been itching to make another cake soon, but I haven’t had an occasion to do so.  Maybe next week for Valentine’s Day I’ll make a small one.

Enjoy the Christmas Cake and the Cakeisode.

Snowman Cake, Christmas CakeSnowman Cake, Christmas Cake



28 Dec

For our Christmas I made mini cakes for my family and friends.  It was fun doing everything eight times!  They aren’t as clean as I would have liked them to be but I was in such a rush.  I tried to make chocolate fudge filling but the consistency did not work out for me.  It still tasted alright though, but not exactly what I was going for.  So I’ll have to try that one again, but a different recipe.  Half of the cakes are chocolate and half are golden vanilla and they are filled with the attempted chocolate fudge filling and covered in buttercream then marshmallow fondant.

The aprons are Christmas presents my mom made.  They both say “Sweetie Cakes & Pies” on top.  Mine says “Cake Boss, Pie Boss & Dan’s Boss.”  Dan’s  says “Dishwasher, Taste Tester & Chief Packaging Specialist.”   We love them! 🙂

First Christmas Cake of the Season!

11 Dec

I made my first holiday cake of the season. Surprisingly nothing went drastically wrong with this one and making it didn’t consume my life. It is a white velvet cake which is basically a pound cake with no egg yokes, so very smooth. The filling is passion fruit buttercream and the outside is covered with buttercream. The snowman is made of fondant and the trees are buttercream. The cake was for an office holiday get together and everyone loved it, no one wanted to cut into it!

Next week, I have a big 50th Birthday cake, so I’ll be busy with that. Check back for photos after December 19.

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